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New books  (All the new books)

Seismogenic source-zones model for the official seismic hazard map of SpainSeismogenic source-zones model for the official seismic hazard map of Spain

Julián García Mayordomo

Identifying zones with different seismogenic characteristics is a first and crucial step in estimating the probability o...

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Progress in Echinoderm PalaeobiologyProgress in Echinoderm Palaeobiology

Edition: S. Zamora; Isabel Rábano

Echinoderms are an important group of animals that have been a major component of marine ecosystems from the Cambrian to...

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Esther Alberruche del Campo; Julio César Arranz González; Roberto Rodríguez Pacheco; Lucas Vadillo Fernández; Virginia Rodríguez Gómez; Francisco Javier Fernández Naranjo


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Methodology for performing an inventory of closed facilities or abandoned mining wasteMethodology for performing an inventory of closed facilities or abandoned mining waste

Lucas Vadillo Fernández; Roberto Rodríguez Pacheco; Francisco Javier Fernández Naranjo; Julio César Arranz González; Esther Alberruche del Campo; Virginia Rodríguez Gómez; Lucas Vadillo Fernández
Edition: Andrés Macho Jiménez

Directive 2006/21/CE, on the management of waste from the extractive industries, urges Member States to perform an inven...

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Another interesting books

The collection of minerals from Madrid regionThe collection of minerals from Madrid region

Ramón Jiménez Martínez; Ruth González Laguna; Rafael Pablo Lozano Fernández

Publication year: 2013

Language: Spanish

The objective of this paper is to present the Madrid Region Mineral Catalogue as one of the most prominent landmarks of the project called "Upgrade and valorization of the collection of minerals from ...

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Environmental isotopes in the hydrological cycle. Principles and applicationsEnvironmental isotopes in the hydrological cycle. Principles and applications

Edition: W.G. Mook

Publication year: 2001

Language: Spanish

In this book the basic principles and theoretical aspects of the methods of isotope hydrology and its practical applications are developed with some examples. Different sections contain reference mate...

Soil protection and sustainable developmentSoil protection and sustainable development

Edition: Antonio Callaba; Inés Iribarren; Paula Fernández-Canteli

Publication year: 2005

Language: Spanish

This monograph presents the papers of the European Seminar held in Soria, 15 to 17 May 2002, on "Soil Protection and Sustainable Development", which establishes as a priority the protection of soil ag...

Groundwater and saline intrusionGroundwater and saline intrusion

Edition: Luis Araguás; Emilio Custodio; Marisol Manzano

Publication year: 2004

Language: English

During the 18th Salt Water Intrusion Meeting, held in Cartagena, Spain (31 May to 3 June 2004), a set of pre–selected papers on coastal aquifer hydrogeology and saline water in the ground were present...