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The metal mining and metallurgy in Madrid (1417-1983)

The metal mining and metallurgy in Madrid (1417-1983)
The metal mining and metallurgy in Madrid (1417-1983)

Luis Jordá Bordehore (edicion)

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Octavio Puche Riart (edicion)

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Luis Felipe Mazadiego Martínez (edicion)

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Edition: Luis Jordá Bordehore; Octavio Puche Riart; Luis Felipe Mazadiego Martínez

About the authors 

Publication year: 2005

Language: Spanish

Subjects: Mining


Mining of metals was developed in Madrid between 1417 and the 1980’s. As a result, we find a wide mining and metallurgical heritage. Mines from the 19th and 20th C. are well known in this region, but not much information it has been written about earlier ones. We present in this book more than a hundred mines and trace remains of their metallurgy, all in Madrid’s mountain range. A few mines lasted several centuries, till the 20th C., some worked only in the 16th and 17th C. and stay abandoned since those remote years. We pretend to reflect the huge field and office work carried out during several years. We reached some of the remotest places in the field and also lost archives and libraries. In addition to scientific investigation we present practical information, in order to show the way to some not-easy-to-reach mines. We hope this work will be interesting not only for researchers but also for those studying Earth Sciences, Heritage and History.

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Physical Description : 192 pp.; il. col.; 24 cm

ISBN: 84-7840-607-7

Publication: Madrid : Geological Survey of Spain, 2005

Reference IGME: 6201/7

Other data of interest: Price: 30 €. It can be purchased at the store of IGME in 34, Cristóbal Bordiú Street (Madrid - Spain) or by mail by sending an email to publicaciones@igme.es // Tell us your opinion: http://igmepublicaciones.blogspot.com.es/

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