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Groundwater and saline intrusion

Groundwater and saline intrusion
Groundwater and saline intrusion

Luis Araguás (edicion)

Affiliation: Organismo Internacional de Energía Atómica

Biography: Not available

Emilio Custodio (edicion)

Affiliation: Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña

Biography: Not available

Marisol Manzano (edicion)

Affiliation: Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena

Biography: Not available


Edition: Luis Araguás; Emilio Custodio; Marisol Manzano

About the authors 

Publication year: 2004

Language: English

Collection: Hydrogeology and groundwater


During the 18th Salt Water Intrusion Meeting, held in Cartagena, Spain (31 May to 3 June 2004), a set of pre–selected papers on coastal aquifer hydrogeology and saline water in the ground were presented and discussed. A selection of them have been peer–reviewed and upgraded. They are presented here as contributions to the understanding of hydrodynamics, modelling, geological and hydrogeological background, geophysics, hydrochemistry and isotopes, management and case studies. This compilation contains 59 papers, mainly from Europe, but also from USA, North Africa, Latin America, Asia and Australia. The contributions have been grouped into seven sections covering fields from conceptual and theoretical understanding to applied techniques and study methodologies, as well as relevant case studies. The reader will surely find interesting reviews, discussions and applications in a wide set of circumstances, with new methodological developments, and will have an open window to the state of the art, who is working in the subject and the main current interest.

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Physical Description : 766 p.; ils; 24 cm

ISBN: 84-7840-588-7

Publication: Madrid : Geological Survey of Spain, 2004

Reference IGME: 5901/15

Other data of interest: Price: 40 €. It can be purchased at the store of IGME in 34, Cristóbal Bordiú Street (Madrid - Spain) or by mail by sending an email to publicaciones@igme.es // Tell us your opinion: http://igmepublicaciones.blogspot.com.es/

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- Librería del Instituto Geológico y Minero de España - Cristóbal Bordiú, 34 - Madrid

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