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Advances in Trilobite Research

Advances in Trilobite Research
Advances in Trilobite Research

Isabel Rábano Gutiérrez del Arroyo (edicion)

Affiliation: Instituto Geológico y Minero de España

Biography: Not available

Rodolfo Gozalo (edicion)

Affiliation: Not available

Biography: Not available

Diego García Bellido (edicion)

Affiliation: Not available

Biography: Not available


Edition: Isabel Rábano Gutiérrez del Arroyo; Rodolfo Gozalo; Diego García Bellido

About the authors 

Publication year: 2008

Language: English

Collection: Geological and mining Museum books


The contents of this volume present a updated view of our knowledge on trilobites owing to more than 120 scientists. The various palaeobiological points of view of authors working on a range of regions and ages give us a better idea of the rich and complex world where these organisms lived, diversified and, ultimately, became extinct. Their dissemination, first to specialized scientists and later to the general public, is the only way these contributions will be useful to society.

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More information

Physical Description : 448 p.; ils; fot

ISBN: 978-84-7840-759-0

Publication: Madrid : Geological Survey of Spain, 2008

Reference IGME: 5801/9

Other data of interest: Price: 40 €. It can be purchased at the store of IGME in 34, Cristóbal Bordiú Street (Madrid - Spain) or by mail by sending an email to publicaciones@igme.es

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