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Groundwater in the Natural Park of Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas (Jaén)

Groundwater in the Natural Park of Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas (Jaén)
Groundwater in the Natural Park of Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas (Jaén)

Antonio González-Ramón (edicion)

Affiliation: Not available

Biography: Not available


Edition: Antonio González-Ramón

About the authors 

Publication year: 2006

Language: Spanish

Collection: Groundwater and Natural Parks


With this publication, made between the Provincial Council and the Geological Survey of Spain in collaboration with the Andalusian Water Agency, begins a series of guides on Hydrogeology and Natural Areas. This is divided into two parts: the first one, with five chapters, is intended to give a series of strokes in generalities Natural Park to allow placing it in their geographical, climatic, geological and sociological. Then highlight the importance of the processes called "karst", to explain the path of the water infiltration and since it is provided by the rain until it exits the spring. The following chapter discusses the relationship of water to biodiversity in the playground, then display the main hydrogeological features that make these mountains. Finally, it emphasizes the diversity of human activities within the park, which are or have been directly related to water. In the second part of the guide proposes six itineraries in different areas. The intention is that these routes show the variety hydrogeological regarding fauna and flora of the park and that, besides being educational, allow visitors to admire the most beautiful corners, always, of course, showing their relationship to water and particularly because of its importance, with groundwater. The paper is completed with a general guide plane Natural Park in highlighting the different types of rocks that make up the mountain in terms of their relationship with groundwater (higher or lower permeability), are the most representative of karst that affects major points of water, aquatic habitats of interest situation proposed routes, recreational areas. Finally, a glossary is attached to scientific terminology used, interest literature, and addresses management centers related to groundwater, where more detailed information can be found.

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Physical Description : 202 p.; ils.; map.

ISBN: 84-7840-634-4

Publication: Madrid : Geological Survey of Spain, 2006

Reference IGME: 6403/1

Other data of interest: Price: 15 €. It can be purchased at the store of IGME in 34, Cristóbal Bordiú Street (Madrid - Spain) or by mail by sending an email to publicaciones@igme.es

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