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Minerals in daily life

Minerals in daily life
Minerals in daily life

Manuel Regueiro González-Barros

Affiliation: Instituto Geológico y Minero de España

Biography: Licenciado en Ciencias Geológicas por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), ha trabajado durante muchos años como especialista en rocas y minerales industriales del Área de Rocas y Minerales Industriales del Instituto Geológico y Minero de España (IGME). Jefe del Área de Relaciones Externas y Transferencia del IGME, es profesor asociado del Departamento de Cristalografía y Mineralogía de la UCM.


Manuel Regueiro González-Barros

About the authors 

Publication year: 2013

Language: Spanish

Collection: Planet Earth


What is the relation between this book and the cellular phone we all have in our pocket, or the glass of the windows, or the floor you walk on? All these objects, and many other around us, have one thing in common: all of them are made out of minerals. These pages provide an interesting tour by the curious story of many things that we use, but we don´t know what are they made off and why. From talc powder we have all used, to the salt in our kitchens, passing through paper, gemstones, glass, medicines or poisons, the book analyses thoroughly and in a informative way the archeology of the use of the minerals we live with along their surprising stories, including the mysterious arcane of the porcelain or why a simple egg became the key to the textile industry in the whole world.

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Physical Description : 126 p. ; 14 x 21 cm.

ISBN: 978-84-7840-895-5

Publication: Madrid : Geological Survey of Spain, 2013

Reference IGME: 5404/6

Other data of interest: Price: 14 €. It can be purchased at the store of IGME in 34, Cristóbal Bordiú Street (Madrid - Spain) or by mail by sending an email to publicaciones@igme.es

This book was added to our online catalog on Monday 04 March, 2013.